How do I become an EMT in Mississippi

EMT - Emergency Medical Technician The EMT-Basic course is designed to train individuals in skills and knowledge necessary to complete the National Registry EMT examination and achieve certification as an Emergency Medical Technician.

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Mississippi EMT Basic Course

  1. 1 Complete all didactic assignments online
  2. 2 Attend and complete the Skills & Clinical Week in Pearland, TX
  3. 3 Obtain your Course Completion Certificate
  4. 4 Pass the NREMT Cognitive Exam back in Mississippi

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After you have obtained your NREMT Certification, you simply need to complete an application for reciprocity and show proof of your current NREMT certification. Please see the link above for the application link and to whom you should submit.

You may also have to complete additional background checks. Please see the link above for more information.

Here are additional requirements from the link above:

  • Age of at least 18 years
  • An applicant must demonstrate a need for reciprocity by submitting a Jurisdictional Medical Control Agreement from a licensed ambulance service or a facility providing basic life support service indicating the applicant is presently employed or will be employed upon moving to the state
  • Completion of an EMT program (basic level) which meets the guidelines of the national standard curriculum. A copy of the program curriculum and educational objectives must be submitted to an approved by the DEMS
  • Applicant must be registered as an EMT-Basic by the National Registry of EMTs. This is documented by submitting a copy of the National ---Registry wallet card